A Short Breif of Prince Brand
Prince Brand is Famous in Bangladeshi Food production industries. From1985 Prince Food products & Paradise food products start the business  in food products industries. From the very begining The Prince Brand's Quality Toast, Biscuit, Chanachur, Lascha Semai are very popular to customar.

Background of Prince Food Products Ltd.
Prince food is quality full so everybody chooses our goods so we increases food item - likely Jam, Jelly, Achar, Souse, Ketchup, Noodles, Honey etc. After customer choosing that goods prince takes a new item of goods to make that is diabetic's sugar, diabetics jelly and diabetics sweet for diabetic's patient. And they successes with challenge. Their every product is examined by Bangladesh standards and testing institution (B.S.T.I).Always Prince Food tries to keep their goodwill and their quality also. They never compromise about quality.  Now this time Prince food products is staying on top position than another food products and this is really good news that prince product is exporting to verities country that America, Canada, Australia, England, Greece, Italy, Korea, Kuwait, U.A.E., and Malaysia also with goodwill. So Prince Brand's meaning is sure to good quality
In a short view, we can see the Prince Food Products. as-

Company Name  : Prince Food Products Ltd.

Year of establishment : 12th October 1985

Date of Incorporation : 12th October 1985

Year of Listing  : 15th December 1987

Company Address :
Prince Food Products Ltd
Plot no-6, 11, Block-B, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216.
Phone   : 9012952, 8021599, Ex- 405, 413
Fax   : 88-02-8032245

Chairman  : Quazi Ruhul Amin
Managing Director : Kazi Helal Uddin
Ex-Director : Kazi Shahid Ullah
Nature of Business : Manufacturer

Major Products: 
Jam, Jelly, Pickle, Baking Powder, Custard Powder, Ice Cream, Chanachur, Chira Vaza, Lachha Semai, Toast Biscuit, Sauce, Mustard Oil, White Vinegar, Honey, Noodles, Ovaltin Biscuit, Horlicks Biscuit, Salt Biscuit, Ghee, Bread, Aromatic Rice, Puffed  Rice, Cake, Yogurt, Custerd Cake, Mineral Water, Shahi Labang, etc.

Foster better living environments and pleasant surroundings 
Ensure environmental balance and sustainability 
Provide better working conditions for its staff members
Ensure people lead a quality life
Take part to decrease unemployment
Economic development of the country

Prince Food Products Industry has to focus on customer's satisfaction and value and ensures quality of product. It also Grow share of customer. Fulfill customer needs and wants and Develop customer relationship.

Prince Food Products is a private-sector industrial of Bangladesh. It currently has 25 on-going concerns, management to manufacturing and services. The Prince Food Products has a particular focus on urban area, and commercial ventures. We will always try to explore beyond the boundaries of possibilities. Consumer need and the consumer need alone will be our guiding philosophy in manufacturing and marketing of products those people who are the victim by poison food and satisfy their life.

Prince Food Products wants to see the goal as the manufacturing company of Food producer and seller of Bangladesh-Increasing capitals. Recruiting more efficient employees and changing current marketing policies.